Intimacy with All Things

My Approach to Coaching

My approach is one that combines spirituality with practical application to give you a solid foundation in which to thrive-- because when you're living a life that's nourishing on all three core levels (body, mind, and spirit), success, fulfillment, and abundance become part of your daily reality.

If you find yourself here, it may be because you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life. You might be dealing with addiction, depression, or anxiety. You might be wanting more for yourself out of life, and wondering why it is just out of reach. There may be deeply rooted patterns that keep on showing up, no matter how much effort is put in to dissolve them. I have been migrating through those realms' existence for some time. Depression led me down a path of addiction so dark that I woke up in a hospital as a result of an overdose. I wasn't able to breathe without the assistance of oxygen for months. It was then I became so intimate with my own breath and preciousness of this existence that I vowed to do whatever was needed to find joy and happiness. So here I am! Here now to help you find whatever it is that is holding you back, to find what keeps you holding on to these patterns. I'm here to help you become unstuck and connected to purpose, and ultimately find what you have to learn from these difficult experiences. I'm here.

I have designed a coaching program that has between 6 and 12 sessions, meeting every two weeks. Why two weeks? I have found that it provides enough time to do focus on self-development practices. And it is frequent enough to maintain momentum to ensure we move towards the goal you are seeking. 

If you are looking for something different, in terms of intensity or duration, please contact me directly.